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Posted on : Thursday , 4th April 2019

Kenya stands out as a huge business hub among all the countries in the East and Central African sub-regions, in terms of GDP, the economy of Kenya is the largest in the region with 53.40 USD by records that are available. It is also one of the top ten economies in the entire continent of Africa and there exist huge opportunities for small and medium-scale businesses that are involved with processing of food in this East African country. The centers of wealth in Kenya are agriculture and its allied services. Kenya is reputed for its large tea, coffee, grains and fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, passion fruit, oranges, watermelon, pawpaw,   avocado and banana cultivation. With huge potential for discerning investors. The country boasts about its large herd of exotic dairy cows that provide fresh milk for processing into branded pasteurized milk and other dairy products like yoghurt, ice cream and sour milk products.Steady growth has been recorded in the sales and retail volume of cheese, sour milk, yoghurt and other dairy products according to a research done by euromonitor.com.

Multiple Opportunities exist for small-scale investments in food processing sector of the economy of Kenya some of the key areas are grain milling, sour milk production, ice cream and yoghurt production, beer production, biscuit production, production of fruit drinks, manufacturing of packaged cheese and sugarcane crushing. The population of Kenya is 47 million people and of this number, 43%, 35% and 53.4% are children, youth, and working age population respectively. These numbers and rising and disposable incomes make it clear that Kenya is an entrenched place for the marketing of products such as ice cream, yoghurt, beer, biscuit, sour milk, fresh juice, and packaged cheese.
The raw material for most of these small-scale food processing businesses are available readily which can be sourced locally in Kenya. For e.g. ice cream production the raw materials required includes milk, example, butter, water, cream, flavors and color additives. For biscuit production, the ingredients required include wheat, flour, vegetable fat or other forms of importation with food processing experts like Africa processing. Africa Processing is a company that is based in UK with more than twenty years of proven competence and experience in multiple areas of food processing in general. Africa Processing have experts who are skilful and can make a huge technical input into variety of areas of food processing like right recipes, equipment and the key functional blends that are required for the manufacturing of  an assortment of excellent quality food products.

Since Kenya has such a varied vegetation and animal life.Tthe scope of a small-scale food processing business is  better as the raw materials or base materials won’t have to be  imported from afar making Kenya a land of great opportunity for small-scaled food processing businesses. 


Source : Bizmart
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